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18 MONTH + 

Students Age 3+

Learning Areas

At La Colonia Learning Center, children learn a lot when they work individually or as a group. Students are constantly practicing and increasing their vocabularies. We have created ample opportunities for them to sing in Spanish and English. Students are encouraged to read and retell the stories using pictures.

Mathematics: Instructors engage children in counting and identifying numerals. They also encourage activities that will help children build one-on-one correspondence, recognize shapes.

Science: Children are natural explorers and there is so much to learn! Children are given the opportunity to investigate items that float and sink in the water table and search for buried treasures in the sand table. Instructors help children recognize different scenarios at different academic levels. They discuss the difference between people, animals and plants. Children also learn about the weather, seasons and how things work.

Social and Emotional Development: At La Colonia we help children build their independence. This is a vital time for children to interact and play alongside their peers and to begin learning how to solve problems effectively. Your child will love pretending and playing with other children in our dramatic play center. 

Gross and Fine Motor Development: Children’s independence continues to develop as they practice their motor skills. Their fine motor skills are enhanced by learning to feed themselves with forks and spoons during our family style meals. They also practice writing, using scissors and completing puzzles. The learning continues when their gross motor skills are heightened by playing on our age-appropriate playgrounds. They are able to run and climb outside, jump and walk backwards, and throw and kick a ball. 

Character Education: At La Colonia we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. Each month we focus on a positive value, such as honesty, generosity or patience, to help children better understand the society we live in and to help them develop into caring adults.

Nursery Play


3 Year Olds

Learning Areas

Language Arts and Literacy: Our curriculum includes many opportunities for 3-year-old children to listen to stories, retell them, sing and say simple rhymes. Music & More, powered by Kindermusik, has been incorporated into classrooms and offers a home-based component. Children are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, explain feelings and talk about what they are doing as they learn. Children begin to recognize print through the learning center signs and begin to identify letters and their names. Dramatic Play, Blocks and Transportation and the Library center are a few examples that encourage language development through play.

Mathematics: In our curriculum, activities are written to give children the opportunity to sort objects and learn how to sequence items. Children will practice counting beads and blocks, and begin solving simple math problems. Our teachers will also work with the children to identify similarities and differences within a group of objects.

Science: Children are given the opportunity to practice observation and problem solving skills. They will be able to observe what happens when a piece of celery is placed in red food coloring. Children will learn about people, plants, animals and weather. Instructors will also help children recognize the parts of the human body. 

Social and Emotional Development: La Colonia provides an ideal community atmosphere to learn, play, take turns and share with friends. In the learning centers, children have the opportunity to participate in many activities with friends. Instructors will also be there to help guide children to develop a better sense of self. They model appropriate ways to express emotions so that children will learn how to communicate effectively. 

Gross and Fine Motor Development: There are many opportunities for children to work on gross motor skills. We provide the opportunities to practice walking in a straight line, walking backwards, jumping, throwing, catching, balancing on one foot and hopping. Instructors will also encourage confidence and support so that children have the motivation to continue to develop new skills.

In addition, we also support fine motor development by providing appropriate materials, such as playdough, crayons, markers, puzzles, etc. Children are encouraged to practice scribbling, and some of those scribbles will begin to resemble letters and words. Children are also given the opportunity to feed themselves during our family style meals, zip up or button their coats, and wash and dry their hands independently.

Character Education: La Colonia believes it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. Each month we focus on a positive value, such as honesty, generosity or patience, to help them better understand the society we live in and to help children develop into caring adults.

Boy Coloring


4 Year Olds

Learning Areas

Language Arts and Literacy: At 4 years old, children begin to realize that they can put letters together to make words, and words together to make sentences. Your child will practice writing skills while writing his name and simple words. All 4 year olds love to sing, recite poems and share stories about their lives. We let your child lead the way as our expert teachers give encouragement to help your child along.

Mathematics: In the Ready, Set, Go curriculum, your child will count and compare objects and groups of objects. Your 4 year old will participate in making graphs, completing patterns and measuring things with conventional and nonconventional measuring tools.

Science: At 4 years old, children are naturally inquisitive, so we created the science portion of the Ready, Set, Go curriculum to meet their needs. Children make observations, chart weather daily  and identify differences in the seasons. They plant seeds and record the growth, learn the importance of keeping the earth clean and how to recycle at school and home.

Social and Emotional Development: Children begin to understand the meaning of friendship by the time they’re 4 years old. They hug each other or sit with their arms around one another as they read a book. They begin identifying their feelings. At La Colonia we encourage children to discuss their emotions, to tell friends why they are special and to share enthusiasm for new people and new things.

Gross and Fine Motor Development: At 4 years old, children have good control of their fine motor skills. They use crayons to turn scribbles into letters and words. They can zip, button and snap their own clothes. During Family Style Dining, 4 year olds will serve themselves, passing food to others and use forks and spoons to eat.

At La Colonia we know that learning happens all the time, not just in the classroom. When your child is outside on our age-appropriate playground, the learning continues. Your child will chase friends, climb up the ladder and slide down the slide, walk like a gorilla and jump like a kangaroo. 

Character Education: At La Colonia we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. In order to further your child’s character development, we focus on a positive value each month; such as, honesty, generosity and patience. This helps children better understand our society and helps them develop into caring young adults.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


5 Year Olds

Learning Areas

Language Arts and Literacy: Children are introduced to a variety of fiction and nonfiction children’s literature. Through these books, children begin to recognize common sight words, such as will, we and see. They continue to identify upper and lower case letters, as well as letter sounds. Children will begin to decode words in print, start combining letters to make words, and eventually combine words to write sentences and stories. Children will explore content-rich literature, and expand their vocabulary tremendously throughout the year.

Mathematics: When you visit our five-year-old room, you will see students actively engaged in mathematical thinking. They’ll be interacting in small and large groups using manipulatives to solve problems, making graphs out of data they collected, or comparing and classifying shapes and objects. They practice numbers in daily routines by counting the children who are present, or the number of days that have passed in the month. They begin adding, subtracting, and estimating numbers by giving proper change to their customers in a restaurant in the Dramatic Play center, or by figuring out how many more blocks are needed to complete a structure in the Blocks and Transportation center.

Science: The natural curiosity of five year olds is the basic ingredient in the On My Way science program. Children explore, observe and question. They learn to appreciate nature and science through hands-on activities. They discover plants and their needs, and learn about taking care of themselves, animals and the earth.

Social Studies: Our social studies units involve children as individuals and explore their roles in the classroom, academy and the larger community. Throughout the year, children learn about citizenship, rules, working together and basic government. Children have an opportunity to explore their local community, geography, American history and symbols.

Character Education: At La Colonia, we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits. Each month we focus on a positive value; such as, honesty, generosity or patience, to help children better understand the society we live in and to help them develop into caring and responsible young adults.