About Us

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Teaching, developing and growing!

Your friendly family center provides students with resources that will enhance both physical and social development .


Welcome! La Colonia was founded with a mission to make students feel welcome and with confidence while receiving a low student to faculty ratio. In our program, students benefit from the individual attention, greater student involvement, instructor led classroom, social perks and the benefit of learning Spanish with confidence.  Our experienced and bilingual instructors ensure that every student receives the best learning experience while in our care.  


Our school perks and priorities:

  1. More time teaching student one on one.

  2. Taught Spanish by native speaking instructors.

  3. Introduction of team work and multicultures.

  4. Different teaching styles.

  5. Leadership and confidence

Meet Our Staff

Kim Castillo

Director & Founder

I have been devoted to education my entire adult life. I am bilingual in Spanish and English. I graduated from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul with a Bachelor's degree in Literature. 


After graduating, I continued working as a teacher in Learning Centers. When my goals were met I changed to a leadership position and founded a successful business with my husband. While my vision and love for education was still in me a childcare environment began to crystallize.

With the help from my husband, I established a Positive Alternative Preschool and Childcare Center in 2019.


I am highly committed to my vocation because of the need for children to have a healthy environment and positive guidance.


During times when many parents are working as hard as they can to provide basic necessities for their families, I want to be there emotionally for children. I want parents to be able to leave their children knowing they are in a good situation while they are at work.

Please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail. I will gladly answer any questions about our programs at La Colonia Learning Center.

Helton Castillo

Co-Director & Co-Founder 

I am pleased to be your child’s Spanish Instructor this year.  I am very interested in meeting your child and working as a team with your family in order to have a very successful school year.


I am a native from Nicaragua, and I am very proud to teach the Spanish language and culture to your child.  I have a Bachelor's in Human Services from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul.. Living in a bilingual home and learning two languages, has given me a better understanding of the process of teaching a foreign language.  I take advantage of my personal experience in order to implement my teaching methods.  


I understand that every child has different strengths and weaknesses in their learning process.  Therefore, I am committed to having differentiated instruction in my class with a variety of opportunities for my students’ to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, learning a language involves repetition, constant work, and memorization skills.


Please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail.  I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.